Requiem: Neon Cyberpunk FPS Game is a fictional FPS from the 2024 Filipino esports film GG The Movie. A real, playable in-house game was made for the movie.



Requiem was built through gaming consultation by Metasports, game animation by Robosheep Studios, and visual effects by MalasMalas Studios.[1] GG The Movie took 2 years to make, partly because of the creation of Requiem.[2]

The Requiem client is not a complete game, but rather an alpha playable enough to make footage for the movie.

Fictional game

Requiem is a 5v5 FPS set in a cyberpunk-themed world modeled after a "neo-Manila" far in the future. The game mode played in the movie is based on Counter-Strike's defuse mode, in a race to 4 round wins.

The attacking team, Laya, must kill all opposing players or plant a Phase Disruptor in a bomb site and defend it, while the defending team, Metrakom, must either kill all opposing players or defuse the Phase Disruptor if it was planted. In the final round in the movie, stalling for time by Laya became a crucial tactic to prevent Metrakom from defusing the Phase Disruptor.

A special comeback mechanic, called "Requiem", gives a player a one-time ability to revive all teammates in exchange for the player's life. This, for example, can be used by a single remaining player to revive all four teammates at the exchange of his life. Requiem can be activated by accessing a terminal located in the middle of the map. In the movie, the Requiem mechanic was only portrayed once in the final round.

Fictional team and roles

In the movie, the protagonist, Seth, leads an unsponsored, amateur team named "Tokwa't Bad Bois". The following lists the team's members and the roles in the game:

The roles were not explained. In the movie, only Trickz, the Controller, used smoke grenades, and Kev, the Initiator, used flash grenades.

Fictional tournament

The main objective of Tokwa't Bad Bois was to win the Requiem Nationals, a double-elimination national tournament with a prize pool of ₱5 million. The champion of the tournament would represent the Philippines in the regional and world finals.

An in-venue qualifier tournament was held where the top 2 would qualify for the Nationals. An online-only single-elimination tournament called Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) was also held where only the top 1 out of 20 would proceed to the Nationals. Tokwa't Bad Bois participated in both tournaments.


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