GG The Movie is a 2024 Filipino esports film directed by Prime Cruz and distributed by Star Cinema. It was released in Philippine theatres on January 24, 2024, and was released on Netflix worldwide on June 26, 2024. It is the first Filipino film that is based on the esports industry. Various real-life esports personalities appeared as cameos in the movie.

GG stars Donny Pangilinan as Seth, an aspiring competitive player for the fictional 5-versus-5 sci-fi FPS "Requiem". The film also marks Donny Pangilinan's debut as a film producer.[1]

GG, along with the movie "Itutumba Ka ng Tatay Ko", are the final theatrical film appearances of the legendary Filipino actor Ronaldo Valdez. Both films were posthumously released after Valdez's death on December 17, 2023.

Plot summary (spoilers ahead)

Seth is an introvert and a talented player of the game Requiem. He was raised by Griselda, his grandmother from his father's side. Griselda passes away, and due to financial issues, Seth's adoptive family is forced to transfer him to his mother's family who is willing to enroll him in a prestigious college. He meets his mother, Iya, for the first time. Seth struggles to adjust to his new life while coping with his grandmother's loss and is more concerned about playing Requiem professionally. He neglects his studies and remains distant from his estranged mother.

Seth meets with his amateur Requiem team, Tokwa't Bad Bois (TBB), comprised of its coach Kurt, and team members Patrick, Joseph, Kevin, and Santino. TBB aims to win the Nationals, a premiere nationwide tournament for Requiem. TBB was eliminated in the Nationals qualifiers which led to a disagreement between Seth and Santino. Santino quits TBB and joins the competing team North Starz. TBB tries to recruit a new player to participate in the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) for the Nationals. Kurt recommends "Icebox", a mysterious and talented player whom he knew from years ago. Icebox wears a mask and uses voice distortion to remain anonymous. TBB recruits Icebox and prepares for the LCQ.

Seth continues to neglect his studies and is in danger of failing his class. The LCQ tournament falls on the same day as his college's mid-term exams. This makes Seth randomly answer his exam paper to finish it quickly. TBB wins the LCQ, but Seth fails in his class. He decides to fully commit to his esports career and files a leave of absence from his college.

In the Nationals, TBB reaches the grand final against North Starz. During the final round, Seth faces off 1v1 against his former teammate Santino. Seth kills Santino but fails in the map objective, making North Starz the champion. As Seth contemplates the loss, Icebox reveals her real identity as his mother, Iya. Iya reveals that she gave birth to Seth at a very young age. Her father disapproved of her pregnancy and made a deal with Griselda's family to raise Seth. Griselda forbade Iya from contacting Seth. Iya hid under the Icebox identity to bond with her son and make up for lost time.

In the epilogue, Seth reveals that he focused on his studies and graduated while the rest of the team pursued other activities and ventures. They all still play Requiem professionally. During the mid-credits, real-life businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan welcomes TBB to the Smart Communications family as its sponsor.


Advocacy tour

From June to July 2024, the movie's lead actor, Donny Pangilinan, headed an advocacy tour called Eskape with Called to Rescue Tour. The tour partnered with Called to Rescue Philippines, an organization headed by Anthony Pangilinan who is Donny Pangilinan's father and an executive producer of the film.



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