Level Up! Live 2008: Rise of the Gaming Gods was a two-day gaming convention held by the live service game publisher Level Up! on October 18 and 19, 2008 at the World Trade Center in the City of Pasay, Philippines.[1] It is the third Level Up! Live event held in the series.

The event was preceded by Level Up! Live 2007: Logged and Loaded and was succeeded by Level Up! Live 2009: United We Play.


Ragnarok World Championship

Live 2008 held the playoffs and grand finals of Ragnarok World Championship 2008. 11 foreign representatives from other countries arrived in the Philippines and competed in the event.

Music album

The Filipino collaborative music album Live! The Album: Music of the Level Up! Nation was first released during this event.

RPG Metanoia teaser

The first teaser for the Filipino animated movie RPG Metanoia, then under the working title "RPG", was shown during this event.


  • Ragnarok Philippine Championship 2008
  • RF Online Novus Elite Squad Tournament (NEST)
  • FlyFF Heroes of the Dragon Emblem Tournament (HoDET)
  • Freestyle All-Stars
  • Perfect World Council Wars National Tournament


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