Level Up! Live 2007: Logged and Loaded was a two-day gaming convention held by the live service game publisher Level Up! on November 3 to 4, 2007 at the World Trade Center in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines. It is the second Level Up! Live event held in the series.

The event was preceded by Level Up! Live 2006 and was succeeded by Level Up! Live 2008: Rise of the Gaming Gods.


Here are the tournament winners in Level Up! Live 2007:[1]

Freestyle All-Stars 2007

  • Champion: UPC Ace (2-0)
  • Runner Up: UPC Elites

RF Online Novus Elite Squad Tournament 2007

  • Champion: Ineffable (3-0)
  • Runner up: Demonz

Ragnarok Philippine Championships 2007

  • Champion: Bozanian Beastfighters (3-2)
  • Runner Up: Armada

Pangya PPT 2007

  • Singles Champion: Christopher Pernia
  • Guild Champion: Tomahawks

Khan Bakbakhan 2007

  • Champion: Shadow Raven (2-0)
  • Runner Up: KhanMestres

FlyFF Dragon Coliseum 2007

  • Champion: Team Bellona (Shade) (4-0)
  • Runner Up: Rekta

Perfect World 1st Quest for the Jade Nightinggale

  • Champion : Holy Order of the Light (3-2)
  • Runner Up: Mythical


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