Amped, formerly known as Amped Games, was the Philippine live service gaming portal and brand of ABS-CBN Multimedia Inc.

It is best known for publishing the live service FPS WarRock and the MMORPG Tantra in the Philippines.


ABS-CBN Multimedia Inc. was the game publishing division of ABS-CBN Interactive, the company that published the MMORPG Tantra in the Philippines. On September 1, 2007, ABS-CBN Multimedia held Amped Fest 2007, in which the publishing division unveiled its next game, GetAmped, along with the commercial launch of WarRock. Amped was introduced as the publisher's live service gaming portal. Since then, all games released by ABS-CBN Multimedia are placed under the brand of Amped.

A spin-off distribution brand called Amped Casual Games was established to sell games from the American casual games developer PopCap Games, Inc.

On August 17, 2010, ABS-CBN has rebranded Amped with a new logo and a new website.[1]


On April 2, 2013, ABS-CBN Multimedia announced that it would be closing down Amped on May 31, 2013 due to "unfavorable business conditions".[2] All of its titles ceased operations except WarRock which was migrated to a competing Philippine live service publisher Massive Gaming.[3]

Games handled

All games listed below are live service games for Microsoft Windows.

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