Assume that information is incomplete

Always assume that this website gives incomplete information, as it is impossible to document every relevant information regarding a topic. Consider performing original research on sources other than this website.

Only contains information relevant to the Philippines

Unless stated otherwise, topics in this website only contain information that are considered relevant to the Philippines. For example, a topic about "Level Up!" will only discuss its commercial endeavors in the Philippines and not in India. The "Ragnarok Online" article will only discuss Philippine and SEA servers and not the Japanese server.

In terms of international esports tournaments, information regarding the players and the placement of the Filipino teams are prioritized over other teams.

Contains original research

The media coverage of the video gaming industry in the Philippines is limited. Some articles contain information obtained from original, first-party research as opposed to referencing third-party websites.


"Manila" location

Foreign companies (and Filipinos outside of Metro Manila) often use "Manila" when referring to Metro Manila (also known as the National Capital Region) and not the Capital City of Manila.

For example, the Dota 2 tournament "ESL One Manila" was held in the City of Pasay. The Valorant character "Neon" was said to be from Manila, but was later revealed to be from the City of Taguig.

Unless stated otherwise in context, all non-branding, vague mentions of "Manila" in this website will refer to the City of Manila and not Metro Manila. Vague mentions will be avoided as much as possible.

"Cebu" location

Unless stated otherwise in context, all non-branding, vague mentions of "Cebu" in this website will refer to the province of Cebu and not Cebu City. Vague mentions will be avoided as much as possible.

Live service games

The "live service game" term

"Games-as-a-service", commonly known as "live service games", is a term that was popularized in 2019. This website makes use of that term instead of referring to them as "online games". Be aware that third-party references used in this website, especially those that were made before 2019, call them and the industry as "online games" and the "online gaming industry", respectively.

Companies and brandings

Live service game publishers set up brandings for its operations. For example, "Cognosphere Pte., Ltd." was established to operate the brand "HoYoverse". In some instances, the company name is named after its branding, e.g., "Level Up! Inc." was named to match the brand "Level Up! Games".

Live service publisher versus distributors

A live service publisher operates (publishes) the server of a game. A live service distributor offers marketing services and payment options for a game that is operated by a publisher. A distributor acts as a proxy for purchases.

As an example, Blizzard Entertainment self-publishes the World of WarCraft MMORPG. Players can purchase subscription time directly from Blizzard. Any company other than Blizzard that offers subscription time for World of WarCraft is a distributor for that game.

Regarding private servers

Unless stated that the games being discussed are private servers, all mentions of live service games in this website are considered officially licensed servers.


The "₱" symbol

The [₱] symbol stands for the Philippine Peso, which is the official currency of the Philippines.

Converted launch prices

The launch prices for hardware and games in the Philippines are sometimes compared to the U.S. launch prices. This is done by converting the Philippine price into U.S. dollars. Unless stated otherwise in context, the conversion rate is based on the historical PHP:USD conversion rate at the date of the launch.

Rounded U.S. prices

When comparing Philippine prices with U.S. prices (see "Converted launch prices" above), the U.S. prices will be rounded off to remove "charm pricing" (prices ending in 99). Instead of US$499, the price will be listed as US$500. Instead of US$59.99, it will be listed as US$60.

Any Philippine prices will be listed using their SRP, regardless of charm pricing.

Regarding parallel importation

The prices being discussed are the official prices set in the Philippines. Since products for the Philippines may launch at later dates than other countries, prices of early gray market products obtained via parallel imports are generally not listed unless they are part of important discussion points.

Writing style

Perspective from the Philippines

Unless stated otherwise in context, all mentions of the word "local", "native", and similar words mean relation to the Philippines, while "foreign" and similar words mean relation to countries other than the Philippines.

The "₱" symbol

The [₱] symbol stands for the Philippine Peso, which is the official currency of the Philippines.

American English

All English text in this website are written in American English instead of British English.

Date formats

The Philippines is one of the few countries in the world that follows the [mm-dd-yy] format that is also used by the United States. To prevent confusion, all dates are written either in full, or in the ISO 8601 format of [yyyy-mm-dd].

No dates in this website are written in the [mm-dd-yyyy] nor the [dd-mm-yyyy] format.

Oxford comma

Oxford comma is used to avoid any ambiguity in lists. Instead of [Item 1, Item 2 and Item 3], lists are written as [Item 1, Item 2, and Item 3].