You can help this website with the following

Error correction

  • Factual errors. Some articles could contain incorrect information.
  • Grammatical errors. Articles are constantly being rewritten, and these can result in multiple grammatical errors.
  • Text errors. Simple errors like misspellings, accidental text input (like double periods and random commas), and wrong capitalizations.
  • It doesn't matter how small an error is, every error must be corrected as soon as possible.

Content suggestions

  • Topic suggestions. Any topics are welcome as long as it is related to the video game industry of the country.
  • More facts about existing topics. You can suggest missing facts about the article. Any fact is welcome, whether it results in a single additional line in the article or whole blocks of text.

General suggestions

You can suggest changes in the website. These can range from simple requests like increasing the spacing of a particular website block, adding more themes, to other website features.

Primary contact

Editor and administrator: Ellison Matawaran
E-mail: gameindustry[dot]ph[at]gmail[dot]com