ForPlay: By Players for Players was a digital magazine series by Mobius Games that were made available on its website. They are no longer available.

Issue descriptions

ForPlay v1.1

"It's All About EVE - No, not really. Aside from our in-depth feature on EVE Online, we also dish out on a gaming marathon-related casualty, A GM blogs about your favorite MMO fighting game Rakion, and our sympathetic(-oft-times-sarcastic) GMs dispense advice for the lovesick."

ForPlay v1.2

"Season Premiere - We premiere Mu Season 2 here, as well as the incorporation of the previously independent MU Insider. Packed with articles written by our loyal readers covering all of our games, as well as features on Defense of the Ancients, and Starcraft 2!!!"

ForPlay v2.1

"Games GONG Wild - We take a quick peek at the upcoming mobiusgames casual game GONG! and we feature a fitness center that takes the Wii to the extreme. Interesting reads by our very own players, and an exclusive interview with mobiusgames Product Managers."