Away Agila is a 3D fighting game that was under development by Slycesoft Game Development for Microsoft Windows. The hands-on preview was available during the U Got Game Pro event. An open beta was supposed to be released on May 21, 2005, but no knowledge of the beta is known.

Away Agila was an entrant in the 2006 Independent Games Festival Competition.

Product description


In one of the tribal villages in the islands of the Philippines, a mysterious comet crashed into one of the tribal shrines. Three teams vie to investigate the crash. The tribal team, whose shrine and land was ravaged by the comet, seeks to find out clues as to why their sacred shrine was destroyed. The teen team, seeking thrills , adventures and challenges, attempts to investigate the place. Finally, the tech team, having some clues that the comet is not really natural, plans to research the shrine and the comet. Each person in the team have their own motivations, their own fighting style and skills. Which one will defeat the others and proceed to unravel the mystery besides the comet striking the shrine?


  • Pure 3D characters
  • Cell shading technology
  • Filipino-based characters, with voices