Asian Media Development Group Inc., also known as AMDG or Asian Media, was a PC retail game distributor in the Philippines. From 2007 until 2009, it ventured into publishing live service games in the SEA region. The company operated from 1999 until 2010.

As a retail game distributor, it was known among the internet café owners for its aggressive campaign on unlicensed software installations.

It operated the live service gaming portal iPlayAsia in 2007 and created the SEA live service publishing subsidiary iAM Interactive Inc. in 2009.

SEC Philippines information

Asian Media Development Group Inc. was registered on November 29, 1999, under the SEC number A199917088.


Boxed retail game distribution

Asian Media Development Group was established on November 29, 1999. It became the largest PC retail game distributor in the Philippines. It covered a vast sales and distribution network of more than 90% Internet gaming cafes and over 200 retail outlets nationwide.[1]

In 2003, Asian Media partnered with Vivendi Universal Games to distribute commercial licenses. In 2004, the company partnered with South Korean developer NCSoft to distribute boxed copies of Guild Wars.

Live service publishing

In 2007, it signed a US$5.5 million deal with NCSoft to publish the MMORPG Lineage II in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. It established the portal iPlayAsia to market live service games. In 2009, it established its live service gaming subsidiary iAM Interactive Inc.

In December 2009, AMDG began shutting its operations down along with iAM Interactive.

Enforcement of intellectual property

AMDG was widely known for enforcing its intellectual property rights.[2] Vivendi Universal Games held the rights to Blizzard Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment games which included WarCraft III and Counter-Strike, respectively. Both titles were popular in the Philippines, with the former popular due to the mod DotA-Allstars, and were frequently installed in internet cafés using unlicensed copies.

AMDG routinely partnered with Philippine government agencies such as the National Bureau of Investigation to raid internet cafés in the Luzon region of the country, mostly around Metro Manila.


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