Anito: Tersiago's Wrath is a single-player action RPG developed by Philippine-based game developer Spoon Interactive Arts[1] for the Nokia S60 platform. Players control the hero "Tersiago" on a quest to obtain the five pieces of the Anito, an artifact of great power. It was released in December 31, 2002. It is the winner of the 2003 Nokia Series 60 Challenge at Singapore.

The game is set before the events of Anito: Defend a Land Enraged.

Product Description


Anito: Tersiago's Wrath follows the history of Tersiago, the future leader of the rebellion, as he struggles to restore the Anito from the hands of the powerful Elders.


  • 5 fully playable levels with 5 unique bosses
  • Non-linear level selection
  • 20 different kinds of monsters
  • 4 upgradable attributes and 5 upgradable skills
  • 64 dungeons/rooms per level


  • Winner of the Nokia Series60 Challenge (Singapore 2003)



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