Anak Bathala: God Spawn was a Filipino-themed, non-commercial, 2D top-down MMORPG developed by Filipino developer Norman de los Santos (Nordenx) using the PlayerWorlds game engine.

The game was aimed to promote Filipino culture and mythology, with an emphasis on indigenous culture and the Baybayin script.

It was first released in 2004, and continued its development until 2006 when it went on a hiatus.

Product description


In a time long before Islam or Christianity ever touched paradise, traders, nobles, warriors, warlocks, and demigods roam the archipelago. Seeking treasures and powers to unite the warring clans. There are some however who wants to keep the islands in darkness, calling forth demons and the powers of the malefic Gods of old.


The player can assume the role of one of six different characters.

Bayani (Hero)

A patriot; a commoner who rises up and becomes a legend. A well rounded character allied with the Samahang Sandugo (Blood Pact Brotherhood) and the Alagad ng Kabutihan (Disciples of Good).He strives to end the reign of darkness and unite the islands. Worships Bathalang Maykapal (God of All Creations) whose spiritual center is at Mount Arayat.

Mandirigma (Warrior)

A soldier; physically strong and able to wield the heaviest of weapons and armor. A loyal defender of the land, he belongs to the Samahang Sandugo. He fights for honor and to end the feuding clans. Worships Apo Mangaragan (God of War), Apo Makalindung (God of the Earth), Apo �Ghep (Oghep) God of Mountains, and Lilahon (Goddess of Volcanoes). His spiritual center is at Mount Banahaw.

Maharlika (Noble)

A Royalty; descendant of Demigods, he must prove his worth in order to ascend to his spiritual center Mount Mayon. He also strives to be the leader of all men by finding the power to unite the islands into one nation. A politician, his loyalty to Samahang Sandugo is in question. But despite his flaws, his deep affiliation with the Alagad ng Kabutihan makes up for his sins. A fairly even character who worships Ka-Apo Magbabaya (God of Chaos and Order) and Lilahon.

Babaylan (Warlock/Witch)

An enigma; possesses very strong offensive and destructive powers. Calls upon both dark and light magic, their loyalty is questionable. Can summon demons, nature, and Gods' favors to do their bidding. Master of Mambabarang (summoner) craft and Mangkukulam (witchcraft), this character is feared even by the Aswang Clans. Worships Apo Deliste (God of Witchcraft) and Somilge (Goddess of Witchcraft). Their spiritual center is in Mount Pinatubo in Zambales; it is where the dead Aetas' Spirits go.

Diwata (Goddess)

A deity; she has strong healing, defensive, and other benefic powers. Kindhearted, she went down to earth so she can help mankind in their quest for peace. In doing so, she risks banishment from the temple of heaven (Mount Makiling) and her spiritual center. She is in alliance with the Alagad ng Kabutihan and keeps in close contact with her godly peers; Aspene (Shell Goddess), Mamalyari (God of Nature), Apo Sehana (God of Love), Dihas (Goddess of Healing), Apo Kilubansa (God of Healing), and many others.

Aswang (Demon)

A shape-shifter; able to change into various beast at will. Strong dark magic and physical strength. In league with the Kampon ng Kadiliman (Minions of Darkness). Worships the Elder God of Darkness Ka-Apo Detinos and his twin sons; Apo Mangaragan (Itumbangol) God of War, and Apo Mandarangan (Itombangal) God of Gore, Blood, and Sacrifice. Their sole purpose is to create fear and chaos on humanity and keeping paradise in darkness. Their spiritual center is located in the sulfuric crater of Mount Apo.

Technical details

The game was developed using PlayerWorlds, an early 2000s 2D game engine that was created from the open sourced Visual Basic 6 game engine of Mirage Online (later evolved to become Mirage Online Classic).

Related media

A Filipino graphic novel entitled "Anak Bathala Book 1: Kalem" was published by BHM Publishing in 2010.